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How to Create Your Own Website?

How to Create Your Own Website? Step by Step Guide for Beginners

If you are going to create a blog or start doing some affiliate marketing you are going to need a website. Luckily creating a website is much easier than it was ten years ago.

Creating a website today is both cheap and simple and you don’t kneed to know anything about coding.

For your first website I would suggest using WordPress. This site is created with WordPress and it didn’t require any coding or technical knowledge. WordPress is
extremely flexible and you can install different themes to change the look and feel of your site and best of all it is free.

Before you can install WordPress you need to decide on a URL and hosting package. The URL (i.e. is like the physical address of your house or business.
You want the URL to be simple, memorable and a good representation about what your site will be about. A dot com domain name is the best choice if you want your website
to be global or if you are focused primarily on Canada then dot ca is probably your best choice. Try to avoid less popular domains like .info, .biz, .me etc. as the major search engines like Google generally discredit these type of domains.

A hosting package is something you buy from a hosting company and they will store your websites information and present it to the world wide web. There are a huge
number of hosting companies and all offer essentially the same service and prices generally range from around $4-10 CDN a month. I would recommend using BlueHost for a couple of reasons. Firstly they have a one click WordPress install feature, you only have to click one button and it automatically sets up WordPress on your website. Secondly BlueHost have a 100% North American based help center, there is a reasonable chance you will have questions along the way and it is great to be able easily reach someone that can help you.

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