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Paid Online Surveys

How Much Money You Can Make doing Paid Online Surveys? Let’s take a look at paid survey claims.

You may have seen an ad somewhere on the Internet that states that you could earn $50-$75 an hour taking online surveys. This is just one example of a claim made by some paid survey companies. Before I rip this claim apart, let me lay down some basics so you can understand where I am coming from.

On average, people earn $1-$5 per online survey they can complete. This is usually higher if you are participating is a special survey like an online focus group survey or a product review survey. You can make anywhere from $3-$30 for these special surveys.

On average, people only qualify for a third of the surveys they are invited to take and sometimes this figure can be high. This basically means that you won’t qualify for every survey you are invited to take even the special paid online surveys.

If you are just starting out, don’t expect to get a bunch of survey invitations each and every day. Some survey sites only send out a few surveys a month – some every month or so. There are a few survey sites that do send out quite a few paid surveys every week but in the beginning, you have to prove to these sites that you are willing to participate. So before they up the volume, expect to receive only a few surveys to take initially.

Surveys can take anywhere from a few minutes to complete to a couple of hours. Shorter surveys do not reward much. Longer surveys do. However, any survey over 20 minutes long is considered long to me and sometimes the pay is $2-$5 for these surveys. So, in a sense, the pay can still be low. That’s just me though.

OK, so now that I have stated these things, let’s look at that claim again. The claim states that you can earn $50-$75 an hour taking online surveys. I have marked in bold the important parts because this is what I am focusing on.

So, is $50-$75 an hour possible taking online surveys?

The answer is not likely.

Remember, a typical 20 minute survey can pay as low as $3 and on the high end, $5. If you took an hours worth of online surveys at the high rate, you would earn $15 which is nowhere close to $50.

Let’s say you do get a survey invitation to complete an online survey and it takes one hour to complete. Guess what the norm is for hour long surveys? $5-$30. Again, it is not close to the claim being made.

Now here is where it gets tricky.

There are certain survey sites that pay more to members that are in a specialized profession. These surveys can pay really well anywhere from $50-$100 dollars. However, how many people who are looking to make extra income are actually in a specialized profession? Not many. If they were, they probably wouldn’t need to make extra cash through a method such as paid surveys.

Another thing is that some specialized online surveys (online focus groups, product reviews, telephone surveys…) do pay on the higher end of the scale. It may very well be possible to earn $20-$50 in an hour by participating in these types of surveys. The reality is that people may not qualify for these types of surveys and they may not get many chances to take these types of surveys.

In closing, you need to understand that taking online paid surveys is not going to get you rich. It can bring extra income but you may find out that your time is not worth what you initially earn from paid surveys. Most claims about potential earnings through paid surveys are just ridiculous.

Earn up to $5 per survey” is more believable and the type of claim you usually see on most legitimate survey sites.

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